Kitamura Jimuki Office







This is an office renovation project for Kitamura Jimuki, a company specializing in sales, system development, and support service of office automation equipment, located in Ito City,Shizuoka Prefecture.The site is a rectangular-shaped, 200-square meter space with a longer depth than width, occupying the first floor of a two-story building.

The client’s request only concerned functional aspects, including a working space for office work, a free space for maintenance work of the devices, a meeting room, storage for equipment and materials, and a counter for having a quick meeting. In contrast to the current trend in office design that often places emphasis on hospitality, their request was minimal.To accommodate their request, we aimed to design a functional and comfortable space suitable for an office that allows people to feel the flow of time.

We created a large one-room office space, where each functional area is loosely segmented by glass partitions while each of them is visually linked to each other. We achieved usability by keeping the previous space composition that had no walls. We placed colored glass partitions, the most notable feature in the new office, in an orderly composition to divide the room into different functional spaces. By scaling down one large room into several areas with glass partitions, we not only enhanced coziness and work performance in the office, but also allowed its users to enjoy the flow of time with the partitions reflecting the outside scenery and natural light coming in from large windows.

At the entrance, fully glazed by a large curtain wall and facing the street, we placed a concrete counter for the workers to have a brief meeting or work on a task. The concrete slab not only functions as a counter but also as a “floodgate,” or an “intermediary space” between the inside and the outside, that cuts off the sightline of a visitor, who would enter the office from outdoors seamlessly without any change in floor level.

As for the materials, we selected those that go with industrial materials such as concrete, glass, and steel. The steel frames exposed after removing the existing ceiling matched well with the office equipment, so we applied paint and integrated them into the interior.

Total Floor Area:180㎡
General Contractor:kominka-kobo (Yoshitomo Takahashi)
Photography:Hideki Makiguchi